Company: SFX [visit]
Description: SFX America takes deep rooted pride in delivering those attributes and more for our clients. Every project, every day we’re impassioned with quality, efficiency and inspire our clients to consistently charge us with their most important repeat and one-off projects. Whether incredibly complex or elegantly simple, our print, technology, and mail delivery experience will effectively ensure the right results. Our work is meaningful: Companies need our services and we’re good at providing those services. Our team: People here have positive attitudes, are friendly, and helpful to one another. When they go home at the end of the day, they feel good about the work they’ve done and the people with whom they’ve worked. Job stability: We were founded in 2011, have grown revenue year over year, and are profitable. Our team really likes working here: SFX has been awarded the title of being one of the “Best Places to Work in Maine” for the past several years and it shows. Our turnover rate is very low. Awesome physical environment: We take a lot of pride in our appearance and it shows.
Industries: Digital Commercial Printing
Direct Mail Production Services
Current Jobs: 1. Service Technician - Portland, ME
2. Digital Print Operator - Portland, ME