Print Industry (Press - Bindery - Digital - CSR)

Primary Skill: Print Industry

Location: Dallas, Texas

Print Industry (Press - Bindery - Digital - CSR)

Job Description

Your Print Industry Skills are in High Demand!

Now is the time to consider career options and get the future Position, Pay, and Location you are looking for. We work with hundreds of print and graphic communication production companies and understand the skills they need and salary offers they ...

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Job Details
Print Industry (Press - Bindery - Digital - CSR)

Job ID: 56262
Posted: Monday, August 01, 2022
Country: United States
Salary Range: $25 - over
Type of Work: Direct Hire
Work Shift(s): Any Shifts

Additional Skills

1. Bindery Cutting & Folding

2. Finishing Letterpress

3. Bindery Bindery Manager

4. Flexo Press Operator

5. IT Programmer

6. Large Press Lead Press Person

7. Fulfillment Bindery

8. Large Format Printing Large Format Technician

9. Large Press 2nd Operator

10. IT Network

11. B/W High Speed B/W Copier

12. CSR Account Manager

13. Digital Press Color Copier

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