Company: ProList, Inc. [visit]
Description: With a 30+ year history, ProList is the leader in direct marketing. Founded in 1989 in the days before the dawn of the internet, ProList was built with the recognition of a need for automated mail processing - something that in the early 90s was way ahead of its time. At that time, the Postal Service was just beginning to recognize the importance of automation in mail processing. ProList was among the first companies in the nation to provide a practical means of printing barcodes on postal pieces to allow its customers to obtain discounts. Our mission at that time was to focus on providing value to our clients and to help them reach their customers via direct mail and direct response marketing efforts, all while making it easy for their customers to respond to the mailings and information they were receiving. Direct mail is still our hallmark service offering, while we’ve continued to expand our direct response marketing services to make ProList a full service direct marketing company in the twenty-first century.
Industries: Direct Mail Production Services
Current Jobs: 1. Inkjet Operator L1 - Frederick, MD
2. Bindery Supervisor - Frederick, MD
3. Bindery Operator - Frederick, MD
4. Inserter Operator - Frederick, MD